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Across the nation, Federal and State government organizations are replacing their legacy software with cloud-based solutions. A true cloud solution is more secure, more reliable, can be accessed from anywhere, and costs far less to own and operate. As you would expect, Springbrook is the first and most trusted provider to bring all the benefits of cloud computing to small and mid-size cities and utility districts.

Here’s how Springbrook is different:

More Value

One of the clearest advantages of a true cloud solution is the almost complete elimination of related hardware and IT expenses. All required hardware and the IT resources needed to keep it running reside in the cloud. With a pricing structure that includes all hardware and licensing fees – plus automatic security, performance and feature updates – Springbrook Cloud™ is the simplest, most manageable and most cost-effective way to meet all your ERP computing needs. Today and into the future.

More Accessible

The Springbrook Cloud gives your staff full, secure access to their applications from in or away from the office. From any office, any location, anytime. With zero third-party software, and no special hardware or routers. And Springbrook isn’t a barebones version dumbed down to run over the Internet. It’s the industry’s most complete and trusted solution, easily and securely accessible from anywhere. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

More Reliable

On-premises solutions rely on individual servers, routers and connections. If one of these hardware elements fails, it must be repaired or replaced, risking extended periods of downtime. In the Springbrook Cloud, your applications and data run on a network of secure servers, with fully redundant backup, and accessible to your team via secure HTTP connection. If any element fails, the affected processes are instantly picked up by one of its countless backup elements. With Springbrook, reliable continuity of service is a standard feature rather than an expensive option.

More Secure

You take the security of your systems and the privacy of your citizens seriously, and so do we. That’s why we’ve built and continuously manage the Springbrook Cloud to the industry’s highest standards, protecting every customer against hackers, malware and ransomware attacks. And Springbrook’s cloud solutions are hosted in Microsoft’s Azure® cloud on multiple redundant servers, ensuring continuity of service and the greatest possible protection against physical disasters or electrical failures that could cripple on-premises solutions. Cyber criminals are continuously at work to develop new ways to steal private information or hold service providers hostage. At Springbrook, we take these threats seriously and are constantly at work behind the scenes to strengthen protections on behalf of every customer. 

Don’t Be Fooled by “Fake Clouds”

The advantages of a cloud-based ERP solution are so clear that some vendors are now claiming these advantages to be part of their hosted, on-premises solutions. Don’t invest in an old ERP solution that pretends to be part of the cloud when you can have the real thing from a true and trusted innovator. Only Springbrook offers small and mid-size cities and utility districts the value, accessibility, reliability and security of a true cloud-based ERP solution.

Affordable. Accessible. Reliable. Secure.

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