Utility Billing & CivicPay

Online, by phone or in person, bill pay becomes faster and more convenient. More secure too.

Online and mobile bill pay is nothing new. But not all online utility billing solutions are the same. CivicPay™ from Springbrook is the first comprehensive solution to integrate seamlessly into the entire Springbrook suite. It reduces time, steps and errors on your end. Improves collection times. And provides your citizens with the fastest, easiest and safest bill paying experience.

CivicPay Online

CivicPay’s safe, secure website offers easy login where citizens can view their usage and account balance, make payments with a single click, and even set up automatic recurring payments. Payments are posted immediately in the user’s account and your Springbook ledger. That simplifies reconciliation and eliminate delays and messy file transfers between third-party payment portals.

CivicPay Pad

Citizens who still like to pay their bill in person can interact with the CivicPay Pad. This P2PE secure payment terminal integrates directly to the citizen’s Springbrook Utility Billing account and makes reconcilliation quick and easy.


CivicPay Voice

Citizens on the go can even use CivicPay’s automated voice recognition (IVR) capability to make payments over the phone. This integrated real-time technology lets users check their balance, pay their bill or transfer directly to a customer service rep.

How CivicPay benefits you and your citizens:

  • Integrates seamlessly with your Springbrook suite
  • Provides citizens with the fastest, easiest and safest bill paying experience
  • It reduces time, steps and errors on your end
  • Speeds collection time and reduces late payments
  • Posts payments instantly and automatically in your Utility Billing Module and General Ledger

Utility billing that’s integrated and flexible.

Between meter reading, outsourced bill printing, IVR, work orders, collections and, of course, finance - your UB system needs to be able to talk to everything. Our UB solutions eliminates the need for double entry that causes balancing problems. It’s simple, seamless integration to make your job easier, faster and better.

  • Integrates to any third party meter software
  • Produce a PDF bill or exports for third party billing companies
  • Fully integrated to financial suite including accounts payable for easy transfer of refund checks, and Accounts Receivable module for in-house collection processing
  • Word merge technology built into application for easy form design and maintenance
  • Accounts Receivable module for in-house collection processing.

Empower your citizens with 24/7 account access

Includes automatic reminders and alerts so they never miss a payment.

Reduce staff time
Avoid manual handling, processing time and fat-finger entry errors

Reduce customer management issues
Automation cuts down on expensive tech time to shut off/ turn on late accounts, fewer phone calls, overall less hassle and confusion caused by a lagging paper trail

Built-in service order process
Makes it easy to schedule maintenance at the click of a button.

Unlimited rate codes
From source to meter to payment, we don’t miss a step

Flexible billing structure
Tiered rate structures, winter averaging, credit-based deposits

Reports to Command
Comprehensive reporting for consumption and finance information

Airtight Audit Trail
Comprehensive audit trail so you always know what happened

Past Dues, Faster
Streamlined, configurable past due processing

Bad Debt Sheriff
Built-in collections processing

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