Asset Management

Detailed Tracking for All Your Assets

Intelligent budgeting platform

Springbrook Asset Management is an intelligent budgeting platform that enables an organization to manage its assets using key components such as replacement cost, service life, book value, inventory tracking and maintenance costs. Our easy to use asset management system that was built to meet the requirements set by the Washington State Auditor’s Office. Adding an asset is a simple process and even easier to maintain and navigate through. Create activities to document the cost and details to an asset, perform inventories on with device optimized screens, and a detailed audit trail will always record all activity in the system.

Take the guesswork out of asset management



Inventory tracking should be more than simply counting quantities.

Document activities related to your assets such as a break/fix, maintenance, and inventory.

With easy to use quick forms it’s even easy to do.

Detailed audit trails track all activity within the system.

The system will track any changes, updates, additions or deletions. Including who made the change and when.

Tailor-made system for Water, Sewer, Garbage, Electric, Storm Water, and other unique asset tracking needs
Budgeting tool:

A big picture view of asset replacement.

Be a hero with the ability to do physical counts in the field, special notes, and reassignment.

No need to print inventory lists attached to a clipboard. With Asset Connect you can be mobile using a browser on a device.

Centralized and secure database accessible by a team.
Activity tracking

Document activities such as break/fix, maintenance, improvements, and custom activity.

The Replacement Plan is a foundational part of Asset Management.

Our Asset Connect will show exactly how much to plan to set aside using replacement cost and book value.

Access to the asset list from anywhere by any user.

This allows for contributions across departments and teams for a solid and up-to-date asset system.

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