Citizen payments: Meet CivicPay

Reinvent Customer Engagement with multiple payment options
Now featuring online service requests

Powerful, Easy, Secure Fully Integrated with Utility Billing

Now you can provide your customers and residents with 24/7 access to their accounts, supported by multiple convenient payment methods. Springbrook’s CivicPay bill payment solution integrates seamlessly with the Springbrook Enterprise suite, automatically posting payments in real time in your Utility Billing Module and General Ledger. CivicPay now features the Municipal Payments Collection portal, which accepts payments for a wide range of miscellaneous fees that may be configured to suit the unique needs of local government agencies and can now accept Service Requests (see product sheet below).

  • Provides citizens with the fastest, easiest and safest experiences for paying bills, fees and initiating service requests.
  • Reduces time, steps and errors.
  • Speeds collection time and reduces late payments; why wait for the mail?
  • Posts payments instantly and automatically in your Utility Billing Module and General Ledger.
  • Springbrook CivicPay Online users can now offer customers the option to submit Service Requests for Utility Billing through the CivicPay Online customer portal.
  • Reduces manual entry and human error through automated payment processing

  • Enhances customer engagement

  • Reduce customer service calls and costs: Allows customers to access billing statements themselves

  • Reduces foot traffic

Three ways for citizens to pay their utility bills:

Online Payments

Springbrook’s secure, intuitive website portal offers easy login access, enabling citizens can view their usage and account balance, make payments with a single click, and set up automatic recurring payments. Payments are posted immediately in the user’s account and your Springbook Enterprise ledger. Online Payment simplifies reconciliation and eliminate delays and messy file transfers between third-party.

Payment Pad

Pay any receivable! The Springbrook Payment Pad provides citizens the ability to pay in person, with familiar, established technology. Our P2PE secure payment terminal integrates directly to the citizen’s Springbrook Utility Billing account and makes reconciliation quick and easy.

IVR payments

Springbrook’s mobile automated voice recognition (IVR) capability lets citizens make payments using their mobile devices. This integrated real-time technology lets users check their balance, pay their bill or transfer directly to a customer service rep.

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