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Springbrook: A history of innovation

Over 30 years ago, Springbrook’s founders recognized a need for the power of digital technology to create new efficiencies in the delivery and administration of local government services. From the first line of code ever written, Springbrook’s mission has been to develop tools that help people do their jobs more efficiently and accurately, and to make government work better, for the citizens. As a digital member of your office, Springbrook provides extra hands and eyes, with solutions designed to reduce the burden on personnel. We helped local governments move from paper files to electronic spreadsheets, from manual to online bill pay, and now we’re moving the industry to the cloud, where all data is safely stored and easily accessible by authorized employees. We are bringing the future to villages, municipalities, towns and small cities across the country.

Over the decades we have continued to innovate and develop technologies that support our customers and help them manage shrinking budgets, personnel and knowledge loss and challenging remote work conditions.  Our solutions have grown to embrace every business function, covering finance, utility billing, human resources, payroll, online payments, tax collection and asset management. We have grown to a company over 100 strong, with offices across the country, adding technologies to expand the scope and reach of our product range. Our recent acquisitions of KVS Cloud and Bias Software demonstrate our investment in innovation. Our solutions are accessible, and available for a wide range of local governments with populations ranging from 300 – 100,000.

As we move into the next phase of Springbrook’s growth, you’ll find we’re expanding more than just our technology offerings, we’re doubling down on our commitment to customer service, training and communications. Our ears are open to the conversations of the industry, and as your needs evolve, so will our solutions. Consider Springbrook your trusted partner, supporting all activities that make your government run better than anyone could have imagined 30 years ago, when it all started. Your community is our world.

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