Utility Billing

Springbrook’s comprehensive Utility Billing
provides total control over your information

A real-time billing solution that tracks everything

The only billing solution available that is connected in real time to an online payment system! Say goodbye to batch processing and hunting for information! Springbrook’s Utility Billing solution provides you with the power to track and code all billing and associated payment history, eliminates double entry and integrates seamlessly with the entire Springbrook suite of solutions. Our Utility Billing tracks meter reading, outsourced bill printing, IVR, work orders, collections and finance, and offers an array of customizable reports to meet the unique needs of utility providers. Utility Billing collaborates in real-time with our Online Bill Payment for total information mastery.

Flexible, powerful, information at your fingertips: Real time collaboration with Springbrook’s Online Payment

  • Utility Billing comes complete with a variety of tools to make billing fast and simple, such as ACH, e-mailing of bills, direct integration with online payments, and more
  • Conduct a rate study or target problem meters for replacement, while maximizing utility read route efficiency
  • Utilize work order integration to generate tasks for your Public Works staff and get their real-time input back into the billing system
  • Improve collections on past-due accounts
  • Supervisors can quickly review adjustments, transactions, and work orders
  • Direct access to meter and location
  • Integrates to any third-party meter software
  • Fully integrated with Springbrook online payment – more information here

Customer focused, business oriented: The best of both worlds


Tailor-made billing system for Water, Sewer, Garbage, Electric, Storm Water, and other unique billing needs

Reduce staff time

Avoid manual handling, processing time and fat-finger entry errors; credit or charge deposits, move balances between accounts, and refund credit balances with one step; see all customer information on one screen; share balance information, warnings, and customer history with Cash Receipting in real time.

Built-in service order process

Makes it easy to schedule maintenance at the click of a button.

Unlimited rate codes

From source to meter to payment, we don’t miss a step

Airtight Audit Trail

Comprehensive audit trail so you always know what happened

Reduce customer management issues

Automation cuts down on expensive tech time to shut off/ turn on late accounts, fewer phone calls, overall less hassle and confusion caused by a lagging paper trail.

Flexible billing

Seamlessly produce electronic or paper bills, by batch or individually, with custom bill formats.

Flexible billing structure

Tiered rate structures, winter averaging, credit-based deposits

Past Dues, Faster

Streamlined, configurable past due processing

Spot errors

Compare and contrast your in-process bills with prior months (by dollars and usage) to spot errors and avoid making billing mistakes.

Customized for customers

Provides a one-stop billing solution to bill different sets of customers at different times. Manage “Move In’s / Move Out’s” through Final and Prorated Billing wizard; Generate “Late” and “Shut-off” notices and process NSF checks automatically.

Reports to Command

Comprehensive reporting for consumption and finance information; Prepare extensive reports for utility usage, payments, history analysis, and trial balance; User defined adjustment bill types.

Bad Debt Sheriff

Built-in collections processing.

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