Reporting and analytics

The most powerful analytics and reporting tool available for local governments

Springbrook is bringing the power of Tableau reporting to your Agency…

We’re bringing the industry leading reporting software to enable fast, customized, easy to develop and interpret visualizations supporting virtually any local government data reporting need. Tableau’s software will provide Springbrook’s community with a host of important advantages that collectively deliver a comprehensive interactive view of programs, budgets and high-level trends across the entire Agency.

Amazing reporting and visualization tools to make your job easier:

Pre-configured with the most popular templates

Subscriptions and alerts

Leading software in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Easy to use: You’ll be developing new reports in minutes

Mobile report distribution on any device or platform

InfoWorld Technology product of the year

Report automation: eliminate manual redundant tasks

Trusted by hundreds of government agencies

Offered Free of Charge for all Springbrook Cloud users

Available in 2021

Easily see all your reports, dashboards, and KPIs in one, simple view.

Quickly create compelling and easy-to-understand reports and graphical visualizations with just a few clicks.

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