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Summer training courses: Signups open

Springbrook Software is making live training available for our Springbrook Enterprise and Express customers. Each session will provide a deep dive into our products, led by training specialists who will make sure that your agency personnel is fully versed in the complete utilization of our tools.

Virtual, in person instruction and a follow up open forum question and answer session provides everyone with the attention they require to master our powerful Springbrook products. Courses are six hours plus two hours open forum (Enterprise), and the course fee includes up to two representatives from each agency (Enterprise).

July Express Training session: Express Utility Billing Workshop.

One day, four-hour workshop, including a one-hour lunch break.

Fee for course: $250, for each Agency representative

August Enterprise training sessions: Mastering Tableau Reporting and Analytics

Day 1 and Day 2 consist of 3 hours each day and a 15 minute break each day.
Day 3 will be a 2 hour open forum session

Fee for course: $900 – includes two local agency representatives

July: Springbrook Express Utility Billing Training

Deep dive into the minutia of the Springbrook Express Utility Billing module. Our Springbrook trainers will cover in-depth topics including USDA Reporting, EIA reports, water loss, monthly consumption, and DOR Excise Taxes.

August: Springbrook Enterprise Tableau Training

Springbrook Analytics is our new reporting and analytics solution powered by Tableau, Springbrook’s industry-leading reporting partner. Tableau’s reporting software offers the Springbrook Cloud community a host of advantages that deliver a comprehensive, interactive view of programs, budgets, and high-level trends across the entire Agency.

Springbrook’s advanced, live training sessions are designed to provide your agency representatives with mastery over this powerful too. Our experts have built data sources for every product suite in Springbrook Enterprise: (AR, AP, BP, BR, BT, CH, CM, CR, EB, FA, HR, IC, LP, PM, PO, PR, SA, UB, WO).

Our growing reporting library already contains many reports and visualizations including: General Ledger Fiscal Summary, General Ledger Revenue/Expense by Year, General Ledger Budget Graph, Accounts Payable Summary, Accounts Payable Checks By Year/Batch. Preview the full contents of our reporting library here.

Summer 2021 Springbrook Enterprise Tableau training

Using Tableau features

  • Share Workbooks and Dashboards with other users
  • Set Permissions for other users
  • Mark Favorite workbooks for quick access
  • Create Tableau Tags
  • Create Subscriptions

Editing a Springbrook Standard Report

  • Work with the Springbrook Report Library
  • Download standard reports and upload to the Agency folder for editing
  • Edit in the Tableau workspace- How to navigate with Tables, Marks, Shelf (Rows & Columns)
  • Add Dimensions & Measures qualitative and quantitative data
  • Use Calculated Fields to compute quantitative data (Expressions)

Creating a basic Workbook from a business case

  • Connecting to a data source(s)
  • Using the Tableau workspace to build your own workbook- navigate Tables, Marks, Shelf (Rows & Columns)
  • Add Dimensions & Measures- qualitative and quantitative data
  • Use Calculated Fields to compute quantitative data (Expressions)

Bringing it all together

  • Create Dashboards – a collection of several views, letting you compare a variety of data simultaneously
  • Create Visualizations-deliver a story with your data using Tableau visualizations (charts & graphs)

Springbrook Express Utility Billing


July 27th, 2021


$250/One agency


Springbrook Enterprise Tableau Reporting & Analytics


August 17, 18 & 20 2021


$900/Two agency


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