KVS Cloud

Meet KVS Cloud, the most powerful, easy to use, NEW all-in-one cloud platform for all local government financial management needs

Designed by Springbrook for the special requirements of KVS and SoftRight customers and Northeastern government agencies

KVS Cloud is the new financial platform choice for local governments across the Northeast including New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Ohio with complicated tax requirements that exceed the capabilities of traditional, off the shelf solutions. The KVS Cloud fully integrated financial billing and collections platform is built on over 40 years of successful government installations and is now even more powerful with the addition of SpringBrook Payroll. KVS Cloud manages finance, property tax, utility billing and payroll and is an advanced, Oracle based system that delivers the most modern technology available to your Agency. Additionally, KVS Cloud features the industry’s most powerful analytics free of charge, for best of breed data analysis and reporting: powered by Tableau. Click here for more information on analytics.

Full featured accounting and budgeting solution

Turnkey compliance for all tax needs

Industry’s best of breed cloud-based payroll solution: Powered by Springbrook and integrated with the KVS+ Platform

Track and manage all billing in real time


See a hands on demo of the new KVS Cloud platform and Tableau here!

New look, feel, features and functions!

Journal Entry Maintenance screen illustrating new look and feel.  The layout is instantly familiar to current KVS Enterprise users with the ability to drill-down into source documents where applicable.

Journal Entry Search screen demonstrating user selected records based on three search criteria elements, as well as formatting the display with control breaks and sub-totals.  This functionality, along with the ability to customize the columns that display, and other advanced search & filtering options, provides new enhanced search and download capabilities.

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