Cirrus Cloud

Cirrus is a true cloud financial platform built for local government agency needs. Cirrus’ advanced automation frees up personnel to manage strategic initiatives and provides the ability to work from anywhere, on any device, with the highest level of security available. Cirrus’ Tableau reporting and analytics capabilities backed with a preconfigured report library makes information analysis and delivery a breeze.

Public beta for Cirrus is now open! Select the Cirrus-Beta option on your Springbrook Enterprise Cloud login portal and log into Cirrus for either your Live or Test environments with your existing credentials. 

  • 25% performance increase
  • Less training for new hires through an intuitive design
  • Highest level of security available
  • Easy to use responsive interface
  • Ease of adoption for existing Springbrook users
  • Streamlined navigation with just a few simple clicks
Product demo

Springbrook Cloud will:

Reduce your costs:

Our data center and staff replace the need for expensive on-premises equipment and personnel.

Manage the backups and the updates!

Your products are always current and completely backed up. No more fire drills when an internal server goes down or becomes corrupted. 99.9% reliability.

Provide total data security:

Our servers and your data are protected by the highest level of security available. Confidential information can be deleted in a moment.

Scale as you need:

Additional server storage and licenses are available at the click of a mouse. We manage all certifications.

Control all documents:

We provide the ability to control master documents, limiting redundancies and out of date information. Our cloud solution enables real time collaboration from remotely located teams.

Be accessible from anywhere:

As long as there’s an Internet connection, your data, projects, workflows are all at your fingertips.

And if this wasn’t enough,

moving to the Springbrook Cloud is environmentally friendly: As your computing needs fluctuate your server energy usage scales, reducing your carbon footprint.