Advanced Capital Budgeting and Planning

Achieve a 50%-time savings with New Advanced Capital Budgeting designed specifically for local government agencies

A full featured, automated cloud-based solution for managing complex organizational budgets and financial and strategic plans.

Springbrook Software enables your agency to reclaim time lost to manual processing of budgets and financial planning with the only globally deployed solution designed for local government agencies.
Our customers have reported up to a 50% savings in time through the efficiencies created in personnel cost forecasting, budget process automation and managerial reporting.
Complex, manual spreadsheets are last century’s problem… Bring your technology into the future with Springbrook.

Customer focused, business oriented: The best of both worlds


Fully automate all budgeting and long-term planning, allow for collaboration across departments while recording the complete budget decision-making process.


Create detailed dashboards and reports with our intuitive data platform. Single source, real time data analysis.


Track, measure and report on performance against goals. Build your own planning structures and measures against KPI’s.


Connect and Collaborate

Easy collaboration with management and staff across your agency to review and provide all users with a clear and consistent view.

Automated graphic dashboards

Personnel across the agency can easily monitor and analyze key decision-making data with comprehensive dashboard reporting facilities.

Helps managers to easily communicate justification behind plans and forecasts

Suits the requirements of all users and busines scenarios

Easy application control and modelling capacity


staff with easy-to-use tools: Intuitive and modern browser-based interface makes it easy for operational staff to use and navigate, allowing your key financial staff to focus on important strategic and analytical tasks.

Effectively speeds the planning cycles and increases accuracy

Ensures highly effective user onboarding and adoption

Fully supports best practices including activity-based budgeting and rolling forecasts

Files can be attached to any cell, model or budget submission

Multiple levels of reporting available

Accurate, real-time data

Links seamlessly with our financial ERP system and provides powerful drill-down functionality to the transaction level.

Easy exploration of your data for more effective and complete analysis

Finance fully manages the solution, without the need for IT support

Multi-dimensional slicing-and-dicing, drill-down and easy Excel interface

Allows full user personalization including individual dataset tabs, hierarchy charts, alerts and dashboards

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