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Challenged with maintaining a positive and retentive work environment while juggling regulations and emerging technologies? Springbrook has HR and payroll covered with integrated tools that seamlessly shares data between employees and the company.

Payroll and HR personnel are charged with managing employee relations and balancing cost savings with quality, compliance, retention and regulations. It’s a complex job that requires a holistic view of the entire company. Springbrook provides the lens you need.

Springbrook’s integrated digital solution, ensures precise time and attendance tracking, compliant payroll processing, and full integration with payroll and finance. Unique features like an online time clock and timecard, and complete mobile access, maintain efficiency through streamlining and automating the process. From employee retention to reporting, Springbrook delivers a fully integrated suite to help your department thrive and take full advantage of new and emerging technologies.

Springbrook delivers:

  • Automation for any payroll scenario

  • Ongoing training

  • Unparalleled customer service

  • Advanced Employee Self Service

  • Guidance on dynamic and challenging regulations

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