Transforming Advanced Budgeting for the Challenges of 2024 and Beyond

The landscape of budget management has transformed significantly over the past decade. Stakeholders now expect comprehensive data, and citizens demand transparency in how their tax dollars are spent. Springbrook’s Advanced Budgeting empowers you to manage budgets efficiently, generate detailed budget books, and provide clear, understandable reports to citizens. Explore the capabilities of Advanced Budgeting and our new transparency feature to see what our solutions can bring to your agency.

Join us on Wednesday, July 17, 2024 10:00 AM PT for an exclusive Springbrook webinar on Advanced Budgeting. REGISTER HERE

What you’ll learn during this hands-on webinar:

Streamlining your accounting activities and workflows to save time.

Connecting, collaborating, and empowering your staff throughout the budgeting process.

The benefit of a one-time setup for budgets with comprehensive transaction-level drill-down capabilities.

Generating sophisticated financial reports and dashboards from a unified version of your organization’s data.

Automating the budget book publishing process with real-time document updates.

Transparency introduction: Our new tool for fulfilling citizens’ demand for transparency with easy access to detailed and complex budget data

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Advanced Budgeting transparency enhancement is a suite of powerful tools that transform comprehensive government reports into multiple, easily understandable formats for personnel and citizens. Advanced Budgeting meets citizen’s call for transparency and ready access to detailed, complex budget data.


Customer White labeling features

Full control over reports

Compatible with any browser

Secure access from council website

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