KVS Cloud Resources

Struggling with end of year business management? Springbrook is here to help with a series of webinars and materials designed to ease the burden of deciphering and filing your documents, utilizing our own solutions.

Training for: KVS Software

SoftRight:  Fiscal Year-End

We will review fiscal year-end processing including creating the new fiscal year accounts, moving PO balances into the new fiscal year, and rolling forward the control account balances.

Monday, May 17th, 8:30 am PST- Register Here

SoftRight:  Preliminary Billing

This includes importing their appraisal file, running and balancing the reports, creating the preliminary commitment for the collector to post.

Tuesday, May 18th, 8:30 am PST- Register Here

KVS:  RPS Collection Create

We will review importing the RPS bill master file into the collection. This will include creating the rate file, importing the file, and running an unpaid report to balance your tax roll totals.

Open New Fiscal Year and Posting Budget

Closing outstanding purchase orders,  Adding/Opening a New Fiscal Year,  Adopting/Posting the New Year budget – Guide

KVS 1099 Processing

How to process 1099’s – Guide 

Closing 2020 & Beginning 2021 Steps 1-5

We’ll cover steps 1-5 of the Payroll year End Process – Guide

Payroll Balancing & Printing W-2’s

How to balance and create W-2’s.  Steps 6-14 of the Payroll Year-End – Guide