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Struggling with end of year business management? Springbrook is here to help with a series of webinars and materials designed to ease the burden of deciphering and filing your documents, utilizing our own solutions.

Training for: Springbrook Express (formerly BIAS Software)

Springbrook Express Annual Report Training Program Registration 

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Cost $750 

Class Details 

  • Webinars will start at 9 am and end at 3 pm. There will be a lunch break from 12-1 pm.  


To accommodate the new format, we will be having more scheduled appointments before and after the workshops. Our trainers will be live using Zoom during the workshop, and you will be able to ask questions by phone or chat messages during the training. We will also have additional dedicated staff members standing by to help you via Support Icon (LogMeIn Rescue) to work through your individual questions.  

Unlike the in-person workshops, where backups of your data must be made and then your live data updated after the workshop, you will work with your live data on your own computer. This will eliminate the need to transfer files. There will also be times during the workshop where cities and towns will be addressed that special districts can take a short break, and vice versa. There will be a one-hour break for lunch. 


You will receive assistance with Schedule 01 with an appointment prior to the workshop. Shortly before the webinar date you will receive a like via email to access the Workshop webinar.  Springbrook Express staff will lead you through Schedule 09, Schedules 15 & 16, Schedule 06, and Notes to the financial statements. During and after the workshop, staff will be available via support to answer questions to help complete your reports. 


Workshop Requirements 

  • To start your Annual Report, all your transactions must be entered into the software for the reporting year. 

  • Your cash to the bank and/or county must be reconciled, and your Treasurer's Reports must also be balanced for the reporting year. 

  • Registration must be completed 3 weeks in advance of the selected Webinar Class. 

Workshop Dates

Annual Report Add-ons
If you are interested in an Annual Report Review and/or Audit Support, contact Anda Willett for more information.  anda.willett@sprbrk.com


Annual Report Webinars:  Assess & Plan

Annual Report Webinars:  Beginning Balances & Schedule 01

Annual Report Webinars:  Schedule 09 Liabilities & Schedules 15 & 16

Annual Report Webinars:  Notes to the Financial Statement

Annual Report Webinars:  Schedule 06

Annual Report Webinars:  Other Schedules & Submit

March 8, 8:30 am   Register:  Click Here



Year-End Checklist & Beginning Balances

Year-End Checklist – Guide

Prepare for 1099 Processing

How to create and submit 1099 – Guide

W-2 & W-3 Processing

How to create and submit W-2s & W-3 – Guide

Budget & 13th Month Transactions

How to finalize your budget for the year and enter 13th month transactions. – Guide