On demand video: 2024 National Survey Analysis on Citizen Expectations of Government Agencies

Did you know…

98% of over 1000 randomly selected households recommended that local government prioritize the adoption of top-tier user experiences and invest in security.

34% specifically urged local government agencies to update and enhance the visual and functional aspects of their online customer portals.

Citizens want one touch bill payments, full access to their data and more…

In late 2023 the Springbrook Research Institute conducted a survey of over 1000 American consumers on what they expect from their local government agencies. Join Dustin Haisler, Chief Strategy Officer, e.Republic, and Steve Lundin, Director, Springbrook Research Institute for a thorough analysis of what citizens are looking for and why modern solutions are also a personnel retention tool for your agency. You’ll learn about taking a holistic view of technology, how to review your current solutions and why expectations have changed. View this on demand webinar here.

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