Activate 2023 show recap

The stage was set, the energy palpable, and the excitement contagious as Springbrook Software kicked off Activate 2023 in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s event promised to be bigger and better than ever, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

One-on-One Training: A Hot Ticket From the very beginning, it was clear that Activate 2023 was going to be something special. All available slots for the one-on-one training sessions were quickly booked, showing the eagerness of attendees to maximize their learning experience. Springbrook’s experts were on hand to provide personalized guidance, ensuring every participant had a chance to dive deep into the software’s capabilities.

Halloween Networking Bash: A Night to Remember The highlight of the evening was the Halloween Networking Bash, which brought together over 100 attendees. It was a night of laughter, bonding, and forging new connections. The Halloween spirit was in full swing, and everyone embraced the chance to mingle and network in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

CPE Certificates Galore: As the event came to a close, the Springbrook team distributed over 1700 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) certificates to attendees. These certificates covered various programs, including utility billing, cash receipts, project management, and more. It was a testament to the dedication and commitment of Springbrook’s community to continuous learning and professional growth.

The Springo Game: Adding Fun to Networking Throughout Activate 2023, attendees had the chance to participate in the Springo Game, a user-designed activity aimed at enhancing networking opportunities. By playing the Springo Game, participants not only expanded their professional networks but also had a lot of fun in the process.

Introducing HelpDesk AI: Powered by ChatGPT and Springbrook Product Content Library

During Activate 2023, Springbrook unveiled its latest innovation – HelpDesk AI. This cutting-edge tool harnesses the power of ChatGPT and Springbrook’s extensive product content library to provide immediate, intelligent, and personalized support to users. HelpDesk AI ensures that Springbrook’s customers have quick and accurate answers to their questions, further enhancing their experience with our software.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To all our attendees, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for making Activate 2023 an outstanding success. This event was a fantastic learning opportunity for Springbrook customers and employees alike. Your enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to connect with peers were truly inspiring.

Thank you for attending Activate 2023, and here’s to another year of exciting opportunities and advancements with Springbrook Software.

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