City Officials

Mayors, city managers, special district managers and board members grapple with a range of complex financial issues and challenges while attempting to satisfy a variety of stakeholders. Your government agency requires tools that exceed citizen expectations while satisfying all internal needs and retaining the personnel that keeps your municipality humming. Springbrook’s fully integrated ERP solution provides the modern experience, security and complete suite of solutions tailor made for government and trusted by nearly 3,000 agencies nationwide, for over 35 years.

City officials manage many interconnected and cross departmental infinitives, and requires the powerful, integrated platform Springbrook’s Cirrus finance ERP delivers. Key considerations include balancing budget constraints against the demands of  various departments while satisfying citizen expectations. Cybersecurity, debt management, reporting, transparency and data driven decision making are just a few of the many burdens that Springbrook’s solutions can lessen for your staff through modern, powerful automated tools.

Springbrook delivers:

  • Unparalleled citizen engagement tools

  • Fully integrated finance ERP

  • SaaS cloud based – software is always up to date

  • Highest level of cybersecurity available

  • Mobile access

  • Complete employee HR and Payroll management

  • Tableau – for data driven insights

  • More government specific solutions than any other software providor

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