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A municipality’s IT department is tasked with providing the solutions that every other department needs, along with worrying about significant threats like cybersecurity, scalability and general systemwide maintenance. It’s a lot of things to juggle at once, and every one is important to the stakeholders.

Springbrook’s integrated finance ERP can remove IT  burdens and free up resources to focus on more strategic planning.

Our fully integrated Cirrus ERP platform is the solution of choice for nearly 3000 municipal IT departments across the country, and provides unparalleled performance on a modern platform that is always secure and up to date. Let Springbrook become the next member of your IT team.

Springbrook delivers:

  • Fully integrated finance ERP

  • SaaS cloud based – software is always up to date

  • Highest level of cybersecurity available

  • Mobile access

  • Top rated customer support

  • Deep dive training in all modules for users of all modules

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