Springbrook Cirrus Platform now in public beta!

The Springbrook Cirrus Platform is now in public beta and available to all Springbrook Enterprise Cloud customers! 

Bank Reconciliation is the first module that Springbrook is rolling out for the Cirrus platform. Cirrus Bank Reconciliation delivers all the features of the Springbrook Enterprise Cloud solution and includes Cirrus-only improvements to streamline your reconciliation processes: 

  • Receipt Deposits for your Springbrook Cash Receipt Batches by Pay Method Type (Cash, Check, Other).
  • See your selected Checks and Deposits to clear match to your bank statement balance in a real time calculation.
  • Add missing checks and deposits to clear without leaving the clear transactions process.

Springbrook Enterprise Cloud customers can easily access the public beta experience by selecting the Cirrus-Beta option on the Springbrook Enterprise Cloud login portal, and logging into Cirrus for either your Live or Test environments with your existing credentials. Once logged in, customers can take a guided tour of the new Springbrook Cirrus platform. Users of Cirrus will be up and running immediately!

Our support and product teams are waiting for any and all feedback.

If you are not already a Springbrook Enterprise Cloud customer please contact our Sales team about a demo today! 


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