The Springbrook Tableau Report Library: Coming in January 2021!

As we get closer to launching our next-generation data and analytics platform powered by Tableauwe’d like to share some additional exciting details about what types of reports we will have already available to you in Tableau. These reports will be ready to put to work on day one. You can build on them, tweak, and customize based on your own reporting needs.  

The Springbrook Report Library is just that – a library of reports that we have built for  for other agencies like yours, to help get visibility into your data. These aren’t just blank templates, but fully functional reports that many of our agency clients are already using to make their reporting burden less complicated and more automated.  

The best part about the new data and analytics platform is that many of the operational reports your agency might consider building are already included, and though it may take some adjusting and tweaking at first, you won’t be starting from scratch with a blank canvas.  

While we have spoken to many agencies and tried as best we can to address as many reporting use cases as we are able inside of the Springbrook Report Library, we know that we cannot address every possible reporting need right out of the gate. What Tableau allows us to do, however, is to publish the reports your agency builds as part of the Springbrook Report Library, so as other agencies start building reports, we will review those reports regularly for inclusion in the Library. Each passing month will bring  newer and better reports to copy, use, and distribute inside of the Library.  

Check back often for updates and keep your eye on the Springbrook Report Library folder in Tableau for new reports and useful visualizations to help your agency keep stakeholders informed, and solve complex reporting challenges.  



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