2/8 The Changed Landscape of Government Agencies: Roundtable discussion

2/8 The Changed Landscape of Government Agencies: Roundtable discussion

February 8, 2022 10:00 AM PT

The nearly two-year global pandemic has changed the playbook for local government agencies, from managing remote workforces to dealing with increasingly aggressive security threats. A recent article in Government Technology dealing with changed government workforces addresses multiple issues, including this telling data point: “According to the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of workers who never worked remotely before the pandemic now prefer telecommuting at least part time or as part of a “hybrid” model mixing facets of digital and traditional in-person work.” (GovTech, What will working for government look like in 2022?)


Citizen interactions have also changed, including heightened expectations on remote access to accounts and engagement hubs. A recent Gartner report defines Citizen Engagement Hubs as “an architectural framework that ties multiple systems together to optimally engage citizens,” (Hype cycle for digital government technology, 2021). The report adds this observation: By 2023, over 60% of governments will have tripled citizen digital services, but less than 25% will be integrated across organizational silos.


A roundtable of your peers will be discussing their current changed local government agency environment in an exclusive Springbrook roundtable discussion, moderated by the Springbrook Research Institute.


During this discussion, several local government agencies will address:


Managing remote workforces

What are citizens asking for

Current cybersecurity threat assessment

Application of existing technologies

Wish lists


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