10/27 Webinar: Managing Remote Workforces

The pandemic may have permanently changed not only expectations for work/life balance, but the actual definition of what it means to “go to the office.” However, the need to maintain infrastructures and services for citizens has not only remained, but also increased, as forms of communication are forced from face to face to the digital domain. The challenge for government agencies is to provide the necessary tools for service delivery and collaborative efforts to employees, and effective and immediate mechanisms for citizens interact with them.

During this exclusive Springbrook webinar, industry expert Michael Dortch reviews the current workforce climate, then provides commentary on important issues to help local municipalities stay ahead of this dynamic situation.

We’ll discuss:

  1. What today’s local government agency looks like, and what’s considered the ‘new norm.’
  2. How agencies have configured and retooled existing technologies to manage a remote workforce.
  3. Changed citizen expectations.
  4. Managing security with a remote workforce,
  5. Time tracking and accountability: what does work life balance mean today?
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