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Strategic partnership helps customers deliver cloud-based ERP, budgeting and transparency solutions to local governments nationwide


PORTLAND, Ore.June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Springbrook Software and ClearGov have announced the launch of a new strategic partnership, joining forces to provide cloud-based ERP and budgeting products to local governments across the US. The partnership provides an easy path for Springbrook’s customer base of more than 1,100 municipalities to access the powerful budgeting, transparency and reporting tools offered by ClearGov.

“A streamlined budgeting process and financial transparency are major concerns for our customers. We’re excited to make it easy for Springbrook clients to take advantage of ClearGov’s cloud-based solutions,” said Rick Hajjar, Chief Strategy Officer with Springbrook. “ClearGov offers an extensive suite of products that are affordable, integrated with our Springbrook ERP platform and are easy to use and implement.”

Bryan Burdick, ClearGov’s President said of the partnership, “Springbrook’s customers are exactly the type of local government agencies that our platform is designed to benefit the most. Our mission is to provide tools that allow for collaborative budget development and crystal-clear communications to drive community support. We deliver solutions that are easy-to-implement, easy-to-use and easy-to-afford for every local government.”

The partnership announcement comes just two weeks after ClearGov announced their new Digital Budget Book solution, which allows local governments to produce a web-based budget book that is compatible with GFOA standards and can also be downloaded into a printable PDF and made available to local government administrators and citizens. With Digital Budget Book, Finance Directors can move their antiquated budget book preparation process from Word and Excel into a powerful web-based and mobile friendly experience.

Cindi Robeck, Finance Director in Sweet Home, Oregon has been a mutual customer of both Springbrook and ClearGov for several years. “Springbrook and ClearGov are both great companies to work with and we’re excited about how this partnership will allow our critical financial operations to become even more efficient,” Cindi said. “We’ve also recently added ClearGov’s new Digital Budget Book product, which will dramatically improve our budget reporting process as well.”

About Springbrook Software

Springbrook is a leading cloud-based finance and administration software provider for local government. More than 1100 cities, towns and districts from coast to coast use our suite of modern, high-performance solutions to manage their finances, payroll, utility billing and property taxes. We believe in citizen-centric government that empowers its community with financial transparency, efficiency and a seamless payment experience. Springbrook is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with regional offices in WashingtonNew York and Massachusetts.

About ClearGov

ClearGov is committed to the success of every local government. We provide secure, cloud-based software for efficient, collaborative budgeting, fast high-quality budget book production, and easy-to-understand citizen communications. Our solutions increase a government’s financial efficiency and help build community support. ClearGov software is easy to afford, easy to implement, and easy to use, for any local government, of any size. Learn more at www.cleargov.com.

ClearGov Contact

Brock Bair, VP Marketing
Phone: 339.221.3508

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