Cybersecurity: 2023 Updates & New Springbrook Security Enhancements

Cybersecurity: 2023 Updates & New Springbrook Security Enhancements

According to CyberEdge, 68.2 percent of governments were compromised by at least one successful attack in the past year. The motive for attacks has primarily become financial, with ransomware becoming particularly lucrative, but espionage and “hacktivism” shouldn’t be ruled out either — especially around elections. Source: GovTech November, 2022

Cybersecurity remains the number one issue for local government agencies, with more complex ransomware attacks demanding increasingly higher levels of protection. What does your agency need to prepare for as we enter 2023? Join several Springbrook software security specialists who will discuss new advances in the Springbrook platform and review next year’s cybersecurity landscape.

During this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • Overview of the threat landscape
  • Update on cybersecurity grant
  • Exclusive interview with Deloitte on the new Deloitte/NASCIO cybersecurity survey
  • New Springbrook Cirrus cybersecurity enhancements

All participants will receive a cybersecurity checklist for their own internal security initiatives

On demand webinar: