May 25: CARES Act, American Rescue and making the right technology budget decisions

It’s Q4, the end of the fiscal year, where local agencies find themselves juggling spending, alongside planning, because it’s “use it or lose it” budget time: how do you make the right technology budget decisions?

The center for Digital Governance found that the top three state technology priorities are:
1) Cybersecurity
2) Budget and Cost Control
3) Citizen Engagement/Experience

How does a local agency find a budgetary balance between internal technology need and satisfying citizen expectations?

Springbrook Software hosted an exclusive panel featuring industry experts and a local government agency to answer the following questions:

What should I expect out of a technology investment and how does it affect citizen engagement?

Is my agency fully utilizing an existing technology investment?

How do I know it’s time to replace existing technology?

Is my vendor still supporting existing technology at the level our agency requires?

How much staff time is required to manage existing technology: does this commitment still make sense?

Is there a way to extract more milage out of my budget by freeing personnel from manual tasks with automated technology solutions?

How concerned is my agency about Ransomware and does my existing technology provide the level of security that we owe our citizen’s data?

How to fully understand and take advantage 0f CARES Act and Rescue Plan money for a technology modernization program.


Joe Brookhouse, PMP, Brookhouse Professional Services
Chris Shoemaker, Sr. Accountant, City of Newcastle, WA
Dr. Justin Marlowe, Research Professor in the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy and Editor-in-Chief of Public Budgeting & Finance


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