Webinar 9/21: Springbrook’s new reporting and analytics tool powered by Tableau

Webinar date September 21, 2020 1:00 pm


Tableau from Springbrook Software on Vimeo.


Meet Springbrook’s New Reporting and Analytics powered Tableau!

Springbrook is investing in the detailed reporting and analytics capabilities that represent core needs for every local government agency with the introduction of Tableau. We’re bringing the industry leading reporting software to your Agency’s desktop to enable fast, customized, easy to develop and interpret visualizations supporting virtually any local government data reporting need. Tableau’s software will provide Springbrook’s community with a host of important advantages that collectively deliver a comprehensive interactive view of programs, budgets and high-level trends across the entire Agency. And best of all, it comes free of charge for all Springbrook Cloud customers.

During this exclusive reveal we’ll demonstrate the power of Tableau: Ease of use: Users can be up and running quickly, with a dashboard that all members of your Agency can use with minimal training. Transparency: Tableau provides the industry’s highest standard of data sharing to inform better decisions and disseminate data rapidly to elected officials, department heads, and other stakeholders. Visualization: Tableau is the industry leader in data visualization, helping decision-makers and operations professionals better run their organizations.


For more information on Tableau for local governments: click here

Available to all Springbrook Cloud customers in early 2021.


Tableau for local government

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