Webinar 9/2: Simplifying complex fire district payroll

Webinar for Fire Chiefs:
Simplifying the Complex with Cloud-based payroll

We all know that payroll is your fire district’s largest expense, and a complex process comprised of comprehensive pay structures, union negotiations and budget pressures. Getting your payroll right requires orderly steps and complicated calculations, placing a big burden on finance and payroll staff to understand complex labor and accounting rules. Small mistakes are a headache, but big mistakes result in budget nightmares, potentially impacting your bargaining unit’s trust and confidence in your District’s administration.

Consider this:

How does your current payroll solution handle payroll deductions with complex tax rules, multi-step calculated wage premiums, and other technically daunting contract terms? Is your Fire District facing increased cost and personnel burdens while performing these processes manually? Is your Fire District adequately protected against audit findings for FLSA, SAFER, and other payroll problems?

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