Springbrook Iterates into the Cloud With New Product Cirrus


Springbrook Cirrus cloud platform


The accounting, payroll and HR tech company sees its new offering as the future version of its current products. Here’s Springbrook’s plan for building up the solution and giving customers an easier path to the cloud.

Springbrook Software, a company that serves up payroll, accounting and HR software to local governments across the country, has launched a new effort to move more of its customers to the cloud. Along the way it’s adding more data analytics, visualization and becoming more mobile friendly.

But it’s taking its time.

The plan is to use a new application called Cirrus to eventually take over many of the functions of Springbrook’s existing cloud platforms. The company is beginning with a module handling bank reconciliation, with plans to add modules for cash receipts, utility bills, core financials payroll and human resources and property tax.

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Published in Government Technology, 2/18/2021

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