Springbrook Research Institute Survey finds Local Government Agencies Faced Multiple Technology Challenges During Pandemic

A national survey conducted by Springbrook Software finds 43% of local government agencies reporting that their existing technology infrastructure did not prepare them for changes wrought by the pandemic, including security issues and managing remote workforces. The survey sampled nearly 50 agencies nationwide, serving populations between 4500-30,000. Springbrook Software is a leading provider of ERP platforms for local government agencies, serving over 2000 local government agencies in villages, towns, municipalities, fire districts, utilities, and cities in seven countries around the globe.

The survey sampled agencies on several interrelated topics including workforce management, technology, and citizen interactions. As of January 2022, 67% of agencies reported that up to 25% of their staffs were still working remotely and averaging one to three days a week, with 43% stating that their office remote work policies have changed.

Technology is the enabling factor for a remote workforce, and 57% of respondents indicated that they did not have a cloud-based ERP system. 43% reported the top challenge with remote work is access to information and 19% found that security is a problem, both issues that are remediated with a cloud-based solution. A telling 67% stated that their existing technology infrastructure is incapable of sustaining a long-term work from home scenario. 60% indicated that their citizenry reported challenges to accessing to agency personnel. 57% indicated that they were planning on changing their technology via the grant money afforded by the American Rescue Plan Act. Springbrook software addressed utilization of this relief funding in a recent webinar: The state of relief funding: A national survey.

“No one anticipated the full impact of the pandemic or the burden it would suddenly place on the aging technology that many local government agencies indicated they rely on. The numbers in our study indicate that those who utilize true cloud-based ERP systems were in a much better position to manage the radically changed work landscape than those with non-cloud systems. The necessity for cloud-based solutions has moved from a want to a need, and with new funding sources becoming available, there are fewer excuses not to make the move,” says Robert Bonavito, CEO, Springbrook Software.

A webinar discussing the findings of the survey with two local government agencies can be found here: Springbrook Research Institute: Lessons from the pandemic.

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