Webinar 8/26 : Cloud Based Payroll Solution to Manage Audits

Payroll is a difficult and complex challenge for Organizations and employees, representing one of the most critical and vulnerable processes, and is oftentimes relegated to inefficient recording methods. This creates the potential for problems should your Organization face an audit.
Consider this:
  • Can your Organization protect itself against audit findings?
  • How does your Organization manage complex payroll cost allocations with limited and restricted fund resources?
  • Is your Organization facing increased cost and personnel burdens while performing these processes manually? Decentralization and the Work From Home scenario compound these problems. The webinar addresses these issues and provides a real-world look at how The City of Red Wing, MN moved to a cloud-based automated solution that created new efficiencies and audit security. During this webinar Springbrook and longtime user, Sue Iverson, Finance and Accounting Manager of Red Wing, MN will discuss:
  1. Indemnifying your Organization against audit issues through trackable and reliable data.
  2. Managing and tracking all payroll costs using an automated system that removes errors inherent in manual processing.
  3. Moving data to cloud-based automated solutions.
  4. Tracking costs associated with specialized funds for grants, reimbursements and other restricted resources.
  5. Allocating employee labor on work performed, or predefined percentages that includes full employee/employer benefit costs.
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