Springbrook Enterprise Resources

Struggling with end of year business management? Springbrook is here to help with a series of webinars and materials designed to ease the burden of deciphering and filing your documents, utilizing our own solutions.

Training for: The Original Springbrook Software

Fiscal Year-End – General Ledger

This session covers all items required to complete year-end processing in Springbrook.

Fiscal Year-End – General Ledger For Non-Finance Customers

This session will show you how to create the new fiscal year and change the fiscal year in your Springbrook application.

Fiscal Year-End – For AP/PO

This session will show you how to process invoices and checks to simplify reporting and Purchase Order handling at the end of the year.

Budget-General Ledger Module

This session will discuss setting up new fiscal years as well as budget entry and reporting in General Ledger > New Budget Info. Importing or manually keying budgets, creating estimated actuals, and copying budgets will also be covered.

Monday, June 7th, 8:30 am PST – Register Here

Budget-Extended Budgeting Module

This session includes basic setups for Extended Budgeting. Copy revisions, adding new accounts, and generating trend analysis for the new revision will also be covered as well as committing Extended Budget revisions to General Ledger New Budget. Position budgeting will not be covered.

Tuesday, June 8th, 8:30 am PST – Register Here

1099 Prep – Calendar Year 2021

How to prepare for 1099 processing – Guide

Payroll Pay Schedule & Year-End Checklist

Payroll Pay Schedule & Calendar Year-End Checklist – Guide

ACA for 1st Time User

Affordable Care Act for First Time Users – Guide

1099 Processing

How to create and submit 1099 – Guide

Preparing & Processing W-2s

How to create and submit W-2s – Guide

Fiscal Year-End Close

Fiscal Year-End Procedures – Guide

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Processing

Entering the Affordable Care Act – Guide

Fiscal Year-End for Utility Billing & Non-GL

Fiscal Year-End Procedures for UB, Taxes, and Payroll Only – Guide