Springbrook Enterprise Resources

Struggling with end of year business management? Springbrook is here to help with a series of webinars and materials designed to ease the burden of deciphering and filing your documents, utilizing our own solutions.

Training for: The Original Springbrook Software

Fiscal Year-End – General Ledger

This session covers all items required to complete year-end processing in Springbrook.

Fiscal Year-End – General Ledger For Non-Finance Customers

This session will show you how to create the new fiscal year and change the fiscal year in your Springbrook application.

Fiscal Year-End – For AP/PO

This session will show you how to process invoices and checks to simplify reporting and Purchase Order handling at the end of the year.

Budget-General Ledger Module

This session will discuss setting up new fiscal years as well as budget entry and reporting in General Ledger > New Budget Info.

Budget-Extended Budgeting Module

This session includes basic setups for Extended Budgeting.

1099 Prep – Calendar Year 2021

How to prepare for 1099 processing – Guide

Payroll Pay Schedule & Year-End Checklist

Payroll Pay Schedule & Calendar Year-End Checklist – Guide

ACA for 1st Time User

Affordable Care Act for First Time Users – Guide

1099 Processing

How to create and submit 1099 – Guide

Preparing & Processing W-2s

How to create and submit W-2s – Guide

Fiscal Year-End Close

Fiscal Year-End Procedures – Guide

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Processing

Entering the Affordable Care Act – Guide

Fiscal Year-End for Utility Billing & Non-GL

Fiscal Year-End Procedures for UB, Taxes, and Payroll Only – Guide